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Maritime Education

Program Offerings / Curriculum

  • Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation


The UPHS-College of Maritime Education recognizes the value of customer satisfaction in the competitive world of the shipping industry. It further recognizes that a major factor in this satisfaction is the supply of maritime graduates of an assured level of quality.

In view of this, the College of Maritime Education has a mission to provide the highest practicable standards in its two BS degree courses and Seafarer Rating Courses, and other special and accredited training courses, complying with national and international regulations, molding young people to become competent professional seafarers and ship designers. This mission exemplifies the commitment of the College to strive for the realization of the University's mission to wit: “to produce perpetualites who outstandingly value virtues of reaching out and helping others as vital ingredients to nation building.”

The College of Maritime Education shall converge its program in satisfying relevant international regulations on safety of life and property at sea and to the protection of the marine environment, thus adhering to the ideals of the International maritime organization (IMO), which is: “Cleaner oceans, Safer Ships.


In consonance with the vision of the University, the College of Business and Accountancy shall always be the model for academic excellence in the area of Business and Accounting, setting the trends and standards in the academic community.

Our Business Office

UPH Compound, National Highway, Sto. Niño, City of Biñan, Laguna



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