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Join us and experience the media world even in an online class setup."


The Perpetual Help College of Manila adapts to the demands of online learning since 2015. With the progressing years of our department, we were able to showcase a virtual learning space for our students.

This virtual learning space has equipped us in providing new platforms in learning. The students will surely be guided as they use the ever-user friendly Moodle application.

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PHCM Mission

The Perpetual Help College of Manila is dedicated to the development of the Filipino as a leader. It aims to graduate dynamic students who are physically, intellectually, socially, and committed to the achievement of the best quality of life.

As a system of services in health and education, it is dedicated to the formation of Christian services and research-oriented professionals, leaders, and citizens with great social concern and with a commitment to the delivery of quality education and health care.

It shall produce Perpetualites who outstandingly value the virtues of reaching out and helping others as vital ingredients to nation-building.

PHCM Vision

The Perpetual Help College of Manila is a premier College that provides unique and innovative educational processes, contents, end-results for the pursuit of excellence in academics, technology, and research through a community partnership and industry linkages.

The Perpetual Help College of Manila takes the lead role as a catalyst for human resource development. It shall continue to inculcate Christian values as a way of strengthening the moral fiber of the Filipino individuals proud of their race and prepared for exemplary global participation in the realm of arts, sciences, humanities, and business.

It sees the Filipino people enjoying the quality and abundant life, living in peace, and building a nation that the next generation shall be nourish, cherish, and value.

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